Monday, May 29, 2006

How To Tell If You Are A Redneck CAD Tech

You Might Be A Redneck Cad Tech If…

The stand for your monitor consists of a pile of old industry magazines.

You spend as much time thinking about “Ducks” as you do thinking of “Ducts”

The photo of you on last year’s fishin’ trip occupies a place of honor on your wall, right next to your College Degree.

Your favorite television programs are “Modern Marvels” and “Fishing with Roland Martin”

Your internet favorites list consists of Cad sites, MEP product sites and the local fishing report.

You’ve used Architectural Desktop to design a new dwelling for your retriever.

Your favorite magazines are Cadalyst, AUGIworld and Buckmasters.

Your wardrobe consists of khakis, dress shirts and camouflage.

You’ve used GoogleEarth to complete a site analysis and check out a new huntin’ spot

Your coffee cup sits next to you sunflower seed spit cup

Your “Excellence in Engineering” award hangs right next the mount of your 10-point buck

Your heroes are Richard Binning, Lynn Allen, Matt Murphy and the guy that invented the “Banjo Minnow”

Ever wondered if Revit Structure could help
you build a better Deer Stand.

You have ever lost your Ductulator then found
it marking a page in the Cabela's Catalog

You are reading this list…. More to come


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