Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Course for August at

Friday afternoon I was listed to teach an AUGI Training Program (ATP) online course. The title of the course is "Creating Parametric Fittings in ABS 2006/2007" it will be held in the month of August.

Discover how content builder will allow you to create a large amount of fittings with a minimum amount of work using simple shapes and various design parameters.

Topics Covered:
- Specifiying a Part Configuration of a Parametric Fitting
- Using Simple Shapes to Create a 3-D Model
- Adding Constraints to Parametric Fittings
- Specifying Model Parameters of Parametric Fittings
- Defining Connections for Parametric Fittings
- Defining Size Parameters for Parametric Fittings

Todd Shackelford is also teaching a class in September. It is based upon the course he taught at AU last year with more content added. The title is "Creating Block Based MvParts in ABS 2006/2007".

This class will remove the mystery behind the process and start you on the path to creating and modifying the custom content you need.

Topics Covered:
- Creating a 3D model and 2D symbology for a new mvpart
- Creating catalog information for a new mvpart
- Navigating the MvPart Builder for a new mvpart
- Defining connectors for a new mvpart
- Modifying an existing mvpart

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Hope to see you in class!!


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